Netflix expands its video game streaming services to TVs and computers

The streamer is beta testing cloud services in an effort to convert more subscribers into players.
August 15, 2023

In an effort to get more players to play its streamable video games, Netflix is working on expanding its games library to new devices, including TVs and computers. 

Beta tests for the streamer’s updated cloud gaming services roll out today to a limited number of subscribers in Canada and the UK. The first wave will focus on testing compatible TVs and will later expand to include computers running Windows and iOS-based operating systems in the coming weeks.

Night School Studio’s supernatural adventure Oxenfree and Netflix Games Studios’ arcade game Molehew’s Mining Adventure will be the first two titles playable on the platform. In order to experience the games, players will need to scan a QR code to connect their smartphones to the TV or computer, which will allow them to use the device as a controller.

Since launching its cloud gaming services for mobile devices in 2022, Netflix has built up a library of 55 games, including two exclusive adventure titles from France-based AAA gaming publisher Ubisoft—Valiant Hearts: Coming Home and Mighty Quest: Rogue Palace. A third exclusive Assassin’s Creed game is in the works to coincide with Netflix’s in development live-action Assassin’s Creed series. 

While the streaming giant is pushing hard to get a slice of the multi-billion dollar gaming market, it’s having a hard time converting its subscribers into players. According to a report published by Boston-based analytics company Apptopia earlier this month, less than one percent of Netflix’s paid subscriber base played the company’s titles, with daily active users topping out at 1.7 million. To date, the platform’s games have been downloaded 23.3 million times worldwide.

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